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A Great Find!!

Many of you know we have a large family. We have 9 people living under one (small) roof. And sometimes my husband, Paul, and I just need to get away.

About a year ago, I was listening to Charlie Brennan on KMOX and he was talking with this guy named Keith who negotiates hotel rates. His website is

Paul and I have decided it’s time for a little space and have a weekend (and a bathroom) just to ourselves. (Enter I could have put my information and request into the website but I decided to call because I didn’t really understand how it worked. OMG – it’s so easy!!! You can’t be specific as to what hotel but you can say what specific area and how many stars. So in about 4 hours Keith calls me back with TWO, yes two, nights at the Hyatt – Union Station for a grand total of (including his admin fee) of $123.00! Wahoo!

Heck, even at the best price I got was $144.00 per night!

We are so looking forward to our alone time. The last time we got away we only had one night. We stayed in our room, had a cocktail, ordered pizza, watched the food channel, and crashed. What a perfect evening!

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