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Helpful Hints for a Beautiful Day

We thought we would share with our readers some tips we like to pass along to our brides. Check back often as this list will be continually be updated.

1. No matter where you get dressed, have a flat sheet handy to wrap around your gown so you don’t get any dirt on it when going through doorways, up stairs, or getting in/out of cars.

2. Hire a professional make-up artist for the day of your wedding. I know, I know, “but I put my make-up on everyday, why do I need someone else to do it for my wedding?” Because certain undertones of foundations look better in photographs and the make-up artist knows how to apply your make-up for best coverage and longevity. But ALWAYS do a trial run.

3. If you can, do a pre-bridal session. This session is usually done in-studio about four to six weeks prior to the wedding. Typically, it’s the same day you have your test hair and make-up done, and your gown has had all alterations completed. The bridal session actually serves many purposes. 1. You have a full understanding of how long it will take for you to get ready on the day of your wedding. It’s like a practice run. 2. You become more comfortable moving around in your gown. 3. You will see how everything comes together, hair, make-up, gown, veil, accessories, etc. And the really great thing is now you have time to make any changes or adjustments before the wedding. Every bridal session we have photographed, the bride has changed something for the day of the wedding. Normally, it’s just tweaking the hair or make-up but sometimes, it’s a complete accessory change.

Check back often for updates!

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