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What Value do you put on photography?

Some of our clients, and friends, may remember Brian Woods who worked for me a few years back.  He became like a son to me.

Brian was a Special Forces – Green Beret.  In 2004 his reserve unit was activated and was sent overseas.  He has been back and forth many times but everytime he was in St. Louis he would always call, and even shoot a wedding with me.

Brian and Lily came in one day to be “models” for my friend and world-known photographer, David A Williams.  But that’s not the importance of this post.

About a month and a half ago he was once again called into action.  We just received word that Brian was killed while serving.  Brian leaves behind a young family and more friends than you can imagine.

Don’t take for granted any time you have with family, or the importance of photography.  Photographs are sometimes the only way anyone can be remembered.

What price do you think Lily will put on this image?


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