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I’m a Priceline negotiator!  And it really works!


We had a hotel booked in Palm Beach Florida at a rate of $1507 for 8 nights.  I was pleased with that rate. After all, it is spring break and spring training time in Florida.  But I had just seen that annoying commercial and thought “what the heck – what do I have to loose”!  So I entered my arrival and departing dates, city I wanted to stay, the minimum number of stars (3-1/2), and $79 per night, hit the button, and sat back and waited.


About a minute later I get a notice that my offer has been accepted.  OMG!  I just saved $783 dollars and will be staying at a Courtyard by Marriot.


So I thought – humm let’s see what I can do on a rental car.  I already have one reserved with Alamo but let’s just see.  So again I plugged in my dates, selected a mid-size car, where I wanted to pick up the car, and $14 per day. Hit the button and PRESTO – accepted, and by Alamo no less!  So I called Alamo and cancelled my original reservation and saved another $92.


Wahoo a total savings of $875.  Watch out world – I’m a Priceline Negotiator!

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