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February 6th, 2012

I love weddings! I’m a hopeless romantic, I can’t help it.  I love how beautiful the bride looks, how the groom will fiddle with his ring because it’s such a foreign object on his finger, and best of all how they look at each other like no one else is around, and I love LOVE!

We alway think of a wedding as a day full of family, flowers, a beautiful bride and groom, and usually a whole lot of money spend.  And that’s all good, don’t get me wrong.  But sometimes, for reasons not always disclosed, couples choose to do things on a much smaller scale.  I mean MUCH smaller scale; and elope.  And everything I love about weddings and everything we think about weddings still stands true about elopements.

I’ve photographed elopements that took less than 30 minutes and I’ve photographed elopements that took 2 hrs.  I’m not referring to the length of the ceremony, I’m referring to the amount of photographic coverage they desired.  Both were absolutely beautiful.

The first elopement took place on New Years Eve bright and early at 8 a.m. Everything was finished at 10 a.m. and the couple was on a flight to Vegas by noon.  Check out their slideshow.

Sometimes elopements only take 30 minutes. We all meet at an agreed upon location (couple takes care of any fees if applicable) – then the next thing you know Their Married! In the example below they only had one witness show up so not only did I document the wonderful moments of their marriage I also was one of their legal witnesses! How’s that for multi-tasking!

So if you’re thinking about eloping remember you can still have beautiful wedding memories! We’d love to be there as your photographer, and witness if need be.

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