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Laurie & Brandon

February 28th, 2011

What an amazing day we had a Brandon and Laurie’s wedding at AmeriStar in St. Charles, MO! Click the image to view a 6 minute slideshow of some of my favorite images, but if you  are at work, turn off or down your speakers and enjoy the show!

Come on Dad!

February 26th, 2011

Dad’s are very important people, and like the song goes they can truly say “I loved her first”.   Maureen was ready to go to the chapel, anxiously waiting in the car for her dad.  When she saw him approaching she couldn’t help getting excited because she knew it would only be a few more minutes before they walked down the isle together.

Tiny little magnificent moments truly are a big deal.

Lasting Memories

February 26th, 2011

I love creating lasting memories for families. Not just in wedding photography but in portraiture too.  Because these images, as beautiful as they are, are not only for the present – they are for future generations, to keep the spirit and memory of those that pass before us alive and remembered.

Weddings are the marriage of the past with the future

February 21st, 2011

Wedding days are the marriage of past with the future.  Sarah and Katie had been friends since childhood; always talking about when they got married how they would be there for each other.  Sadly, Katie had passed away a few years before Sarah even got engaged, yet she was honored at the ceremony with a sunflower bouquet.  The wedding day was Sarah’s.  But this moment – captured when Sarah bent down to share a moment with Katie – belonged to them both.

Let there be light!

February 17th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was having brunch with my good friend Arina Lanis and she showed me the most amazing lip gloss.  Well, actually it wasn’t the lip gloss that was so amazing (which BTW, it is pretty darn good) but the packaging it came in!  Check it out

Light Up Lip Gloss

It’s a little hard to see, but see those little white spots in side the lid?  Those are two tiny LED lights that turn on when you open the lid!  Genius!

But wait, there’s more! The tube has a mirror on it!  OMG!  This has to be a “must have” for every bride, bridesmaid, oh heck – every women in/at a wedding!

Where did I find this little jewel?  On line at and it’s only $15!  [I am not a distributor]  Check it out!

Magnificent Moment

February 15th, 2011

I will be the first to admit that I cry easy.  As a mother, the Father-Daughter dance is one of the most touching moments during the reception.  Dads are usually nervous because they don’t want to step on the dress or embarrass himself or his daughter.  But all those fears are swept away as soon as the the music starts.  He takes her hand, holds his daughter in his arms, closes his eyes, and in just a few short minutes he relives all the magnificent moments they had together as he watched her grow from little girl to beautiful bride.

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