Signature Studio

Introducing the iDo iPad!

April 3rd, 2010

Signature Studio is known for being a leader in the photography Industry. That’s why we are so proud and excited to introduce “iDo iPad”.

Today’s bride and groom are tech savvy and enjoy the mobility of the latest technology. I mean, seriously – look at this thing! It’s sleek, sexy and well – just fun! It’s an iTouch on steriods! But with a much bigger screen.



Be the first to show and share your wedding day photos in High-Tech Style!

After your wedding, we will pre-load all of your wedding images onto a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad.  Now you can take your photos with you where ever you go! You’ll be able to easily share them with friends and family. Plug your iPad into your TV to view the slideshow or proofs full-screen!

We are so excited about the iDo iPad – once you see it, you will be too! Give us a call to learn more 314.368-0213 or 314.241-7555.

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