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We saw the shuttle launch!

March 15th, 2009

We knew there was going to be a launch tonight but we didn’t think we would see it because our plane wasn’t landing until 6:30.  By the time we got our bags and rental car it was like 7:20 so we drove as fast as we could to the beach so we could get a glimps.  Although we were about 90 miles south of the launch site we see a beautiful trail of smoke and fire, then what seemed like only 10 seconds we saw (but not caught in camera) the Solid Rocket Busters (SRB) separate and fall to the ocean.  We couldn’t hear it but boy did we see it!!!!






OMG Omg omg!!!

March 10th, 2009

I’m a Priceline negotiator!  And it really works!


We had a hotel booked in Palm Beach Florida at a rate of $1507 for 8 nights.  I was pleased with that rate. After all, it is spring break and spring training time in Florida.  But I had just seen that annoying commercial and thought “what the heck – what do I have to loose”!  So I entered my arrival and departing dates, city I wanted to stay, the minimum number of stars (3-1/2), and $79 per night, hit the button, and sat back and waited.


About a minute later I get a notice that my offer has been accepted.  OMG!  I just saved $783 dollars and will be staying at a Courtyard by Marriot.


So I thought – humm let’s see what I can do on a rental car.  I already have one reserved with Alamo but let’s just see.  So again I plugged in my dates, selected a mid-size car, where I wanted to pick up the car, and $14 per day. Hit the button and PRESTO – accepted, and by Alamo no less!  So I called Alamo and cancelled my original reservation and saved another $92.


Wahoo a total savings of $875.  Watch out world – I’m a Priceline Negotiator!

Economic Stimulas I can live with….

March 10th, 2009

If you’ve been to the studio lately you may have noticed the I LUVE CHOCOLATE store located next door to the main entrance. 


If you haven’t stopped in you really should.  They sell European chocolates that are out of this world.    


Today when I came in I noticed a $1 sign on the window so of course I had to stop in and see what it’s all about.  Sure enough, they have a large selection of yummies that are on sale for $1 each.  What a perfect little treat – or better yet – what a great wedding favor idea! 


They have a website but not sure if the sale applies to online orders. 

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