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A record week

August 28th, 2008

We are so happy to welcome our latest bride and groom, Natalie and Dean, to our wedding family at Signature Studio.

Natalie and Dean were a referral from John and Tammy, who were married October 13, 2006.  Thanks guys (see you at Marisa’s baptism on Sunday)!

We have to do chock figures at some point during the engagment session!!!

I love winter weddings…

August 27th, 2008

and I’m so excited to be part of Leyna and Jeremy’s winter wedding. 

They are actually getting married in Negril a few days earlier and coming back to St. Louis for their reception.  How fun is that!!  Destination weddings are great because the bride and groom get to be a bride and groom for more than just one day.  Who said, “You only get to wear the dress once”?!

Kayla’s first day of school…

August 25th, 2008

and her day started early. 

Our daughter called this morning to tell us about getting the kids off to school.  Seems Kayla (our 4.5 yr old granddaughter) woke up at 4 a.m. asking if it was time to get ready.  Her mother convenced her to go back to bed, that it would be time when the alarm went off.  So it was back to bed for another 3 hours.

Tiffany got up and fixed french toast, packed lunches, walked them to school, and dropped each one off to their respective classrooms.  The last one to drop off was Kayla, and as they were walking toward her classroom Kayla announces that her tummy hurt.  Tiffany talked to her a little and was pretty convenced that it was just nerves and they continued toward her class.  They arrive, the door opens, and Kayla throws up!  What a way to make a first impression.  She was cleared by the nurse to stay and the rest of the day went well.

Tonight Tiffany asked Kayla if she was excited about going back tomorrow.  Kayla replied, “no, quite time is too long”.

Can’t wait for tomorrows report!

Denise and Don are getting married!

August 20th, 2008

A great big THANK YOU to Rob Schaefer of the Coronado Ballroom for referring Denise and Don.  But I also have to thank Becky and Brandon (married June 2006) for calling to check my schedule and encouraging Denise and Don to set up a consultation. It’s going to be a beautiful winter wedding and I’m so happy to be part it.  I’m counting the days!

Welcome Ann and Todd!

August 19th, 2008

We are so excited to announce that Ann and Todd have commissioned us to photograph their wedding later this year.  It’s going to be a blast!!   think 1940’s meets 2008; with a retro wedding gown to boot!

Welcome to the family Ann and Todd!  


Newborn Session

August 1st, 2008

There is nothing like a newborn!!  Meet Sophia, a beautiful one-week old that came into my studio today for her first portrait session.  She brought her mom, Jennifer, and her big brother, Dominic.  We had a great time – and Sophia was so easy to work with.  All she did was sleep and, yes – poop.  Who knew she would go through so many diapers in such a short time.  Oh well – we had a blast.  The funny thing is, Jennifer said she wasn’t feeling like having her photo taken but I asked if she would do just a few. Now tell me Jennifer, aren’t you glad you didn’t miss out on this opportunity?  I love this image!


Dominic is such a great big brother.  He really wanted to see what was going on.


Jennifer, thanks again for sharing your family with me.  It was an honor and a privilage.

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