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Mr. Toads Wild Ride

May 25th, 2006

This week has been like “Mr. Toads Wild Ride” at Disneyland… never know what’s around the corner; so fare (and I hope this is the end of it) I’ve had the pleasure of a flat tire and a dead battery !

The flat tire happened Tuesday while parked in the BJC garage. While on the phone with AAA, two knights in shining armor came to my rescue and offered to change it for me. I was so touched I started to tear up. You see, I had been at the hospital since 6 a.m. with my mom who was having surgery on her hands. I said to the AAA man on the phone, “Wow, now that’s fast service!” So these two gentlemen changed my tire, while their father was having surgery. I was truly touched by their kind heart and quick hands. I feel horrible because I didn’t even get their names. I did give them a gift certificate for a free family portrait session. So with a flash and a bang I was off to photograph a private event.

Wednesday morning I went to have the tire repaired and the attendant asked me which tire needs to be fixed. I really wasn’t sure what (or why) he was asking and my immediate reply was “the flat one in my trunk”. $26 later I’m up and going again.

Today I took my mom back to the doctor to have the dressing removed and her hand checked. All is well and the healing process is progressing nicely. This evening I stopped at Sam’s to pick up a few office products, but when I went back to my car it wouldn’t start. I mean nothing! No clicking, no buzzers, ding ding ding, NOTHING! So out comes my trustee AAA card again. This time they actually had to send out a truck to help me out. My new knight in shinning armor arrives! It’s Terrance from Harsley’s Towing and he goes right to work.


I have to tell you, he looked at me a little strangely when I all of a sudden pop out my pocket camera and start taking snaps. I explained, it’s ok, I’m a professional, no really I am, this is just my toy camera – really!


Thanks Terrance for all your help! (It was a dead battery as we thought, not the alternator.)

Tracy and John Paul

May 17th, 2006

Our wedding season has really started off with a bang. Our brides are really having fun their planning and doing what they want. Tracy and John Paul are not exception.

Tracy carried a simple butterfly theme throughout the wedding – even her shoes were designed with butterflies. They were married at Living Bread Church in Washington, Missouri. We stopped by their home and Forest Park for a few quick pics before heading to the St. Louis Planetarium for the reception. What a fun place for a reception! And the dinner was out of this world as it was catered by Wolfgang Puck.

Here is a little teaser and slideshow, proofs should be ready in about another week.


John Paul’s ring was a little tight but Tracy made sure it made it on his finger!


The little boys all wanted to kiss the bride too.

Click here for the SLIDESHOW!

Crime Alert

May 16th, 2006

131 West Madison Avenue
Kirkwood, Missouri 63122
(314) 822-5858
Chief Jack Plummer

Driveway Sealer Scam – Road Runner Paving

May 16, 2006 –

The Kirkwood Police Department would like to caution anyone from doing business with a company by the name of Road Runner Paving that goes door-to-door asking homeowners if they would like to have their driveway sealed.

We recently received a report that this company contacted a local resident, an elderly female, and proceeded to clean off her driveway, patch and repair holes, put down a seal coat, seal cracks and put down a sand sealer on two separate occasions. They charged a total of $1850.00 for the work. They performed the work on May 8 and it is still wet and gummy to this day.

In comparison, we contacted 2 local asphalt companies to see what they would charge for the service. The first company, primarily a commercial asphalt company said they could tear out the entire driveway, put down new asphalt and then seal it for less than the amount charged by Road Runner. The second asphalt company said they would charge approximately $150 to do the same amount of work.

This department would like to advise everyone to be cautious of contractors, driveway sealers, tree services, etc., who come to your door looking for work. The best way to find a good, reputable service worker is either by word of mouth from friends or family, the Kirkwood – Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau.

For additional information, contact:
P.O. Tom Ballman, Public Information Officer
Office: 314-822-5868 Fax: 314-984-5917

Shauna and Brad’s Wedding

May 13th, 2006

It may have been a little rainy outside, but inside was nothing short of wonderful! I love it when the bride and groom have a lot of fun on their wedding day – regardless of the weather. Even the wedding party didn’t let a little rain dampen the festivities.

Here are a couple of my favorites. ENJOY!


Click Here to view a slideshow.

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