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What a day….

January 29th, 2006

I had a beautiful wedding on Saturday (images to follow later), came home and fell into bed. Sunday morning my husband and I had planned to get up early, go for breakfast, run some errands, the go to the studio and take down the Christmas tree. Well, our planes were quickly changed when I got up to find our kitchen and dinning room flooded, which I quickly found was only a tip of the iceberg. The water had saturated the flooring and it was literally raining in the basement. I realized very quickly that a mop and a ShopVac was not going to be enough – it was time to call the insurance company. Along came ServiceMaster to the rescue with their industrial strength “extractor”. They tried to extract the water from the basement carpet but there was too much damage and had to remove the saturated section. They placed two large de-humidifiers and a fleet of air blowers throughout the basement and kitchen/dinning room.

Here are a few images to absorb (all puns intended)

Ok, please don’t judge me by the look of my basement – yes it’s trashed but for good reason.

See the white box of binders? Those binders are full of all my college negatives – now they are in the trash. I’m so glad I’m digital now. The books are my husbands Navy cruise books (like yearbooks from ship deployements) – 20 years of his military service also in the trash. I’m just sick.

This is Scott & Kevin, my ServiceMaster heros. They knew exactly what to do and got right to work – you guys rock!

We still had a lot of pictures still in our basement but as you can see they may not be saveable.

ServiceMasters is coming back in the morning to see how much moisture is left in the drywall, flooring, and under the kitchen counters.

All this just because the little plastic tubing to our ice maker came loose.

Did someone say cake!

January 6th, 2006

I want to share a (somewhat) new bakery and cake studio. It’s call The Cakery Bakery and I had the pleasure of working with these talented ladies as a recent wedding. They created a confectionary delite that looked beautiful and tasted wonderful! (And we always make it a point to sample the cake.)


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